5 lighting modes The led flashlights high lumens have five lighting modes, Strong light / Medium light / Low light / Strobe / SOS. You can switch at will, adapt to different environments of lighting. 5000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight The latest generation of XHP50 LED chip can produce ultra-high output of up to 5000 lumen, Light up anywhere you want to go.with high lumen upgraded convex lens, one of the brightest USB tactical LED flashlights in the market, brightness with more than 100000 hours light bulb lifetime to get bright and long shot light whenever you need. Zoomable Function Stretching the head of the flashlight to change the focal length and the size of the beam, it's suitable for large area lighting. With SOS function light, it can be used in emergency situation. Spotlight flashlight can project a beam of up to 1000 meters long. It is suitable for long-distance lighting. Power Display 4pc Led power display to allow you know the remaining battery at any times(4 lights on: 100%; 3 lights on: 75%; 2 lights on: 50%; 1 light on: 25%; no light on: need to charge); Compact and mini size that fits your hand or pocket.The power indicator design allows you to easily understand the power consumption anytime and anywhere, so that you can charge in time. Rechargeable Flashlight Come with a rechargeable 26650 battery, we provide a long life battery that you don't need to worry about running out the power quickly. It can still be used in low light mode for 8 hours. Build-in micro input port that you can charge it via notebooks, mobile power supplies, sockets or car charger , highly efficient and safe. Water Resistance & Premium Quantity Made of premium quality Aluminum Alloy, IPX5 waterproof rating, it's water resistant and durable, it allows you to use in various extreme weathers. With strong impact resistance, it can withstand 10 feet of impact. In addition, it can be used as a survival tool only weighs 12.3 ounces, which is so handy that can be take around with you. Please notice that it can not dive, or soaked in water for a long time. Moderate size and easy to carry 16.8cm*4.2cm portable size that can used in multi-environment For Camping Outdoor Hiking Biking Activity Emergency etc...

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